Arbiter 601

Arbiter 601

The Hypershark Switch series represents the industry's leading ultra-low latency switch family, offering a unique combination of performance, advanced functionality and extensive onboard resources. 

Designed to suit the requirements of demanding environments such as ultra-low latency financial equipment.

The transmission time from 1G to 10G is less than 1 microsecond. 

Basic Function

  • 4x 100M/1G RJ45 to 4x 10G LC-Duplex Ethernet Media Converter
  • Arbiter 601 achieves exceptionally low latencies of 154 nanoseconds (ns) or less for all workloads.


    • FPGA designed, extremely efficient to deal with packets.

    • Shorten the latency down to 9us, more efficient than traditional ways to receive data from SET.

    • Flexibility to expand its output interfaces.

    How we achieved

    TimeCapture 701

    TimeCapture 701

    TimeCapture 701 is another brilliant design from HyperShark switch series, it provides 7 pairs of ports for the incoming packets of tick-to-trade; An extra out going port for aggregating the packets from other ports.

    The packets from the aggregated port will be timestamped with the 10-9 precision.

    10G 光介面輸出 精準度達到 3.2 Nano seconds.

    Basic function

    • Timestamping for all packets that go through the device.
    • Measuring the latency from tick to trade packets.
    • 14 x 10G LC-Duplex interfaces on TimeCapture 701 for the packets input.


    • FPGA timestamping is much more precise than software timestamping
    • Timestamp resolution : 3.2 ns.
    • TimeCapture 701 can capture up to 7 pairs of tick-to-trade timestamping packets resources.

    Structure briefing


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