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Purpose of the Website

HyperShark Technologies Corp. mainly produces and sells all kinds of professional high-frequent-trading products. This Website provides visitors with the understanding of the Company’s background culture, product functions, sales services, the Company’s new information and technical communication. 

Copyright and Content Statement

All copyrights and intelligence property of all texts, graphics, sound, software and other materials on this Website shall be owned by HyperShark Technologies Corp. or by the relevant owners as authorized. 

You may browse this Website and extract the contents on this Website by printing, downloading or sending, provided that, in any cases, the said shall be only used for the non-commercial, informative and personal using purposes. Any content on this Website shall neither be sold or issued in any other way (whether by printing, copying or electronically) for the purpose of business profits, nor shall it be modified or added to any other works, publication or websites. The Company has granted no other licenses or rights.


All trademarks displayed on this Website shall be owned by HyperShark Technologies Corp. or can be used upon being authorized by the Company in writing.

Warranty Statement

The Company will try the best to ensure the correctness of the content on this Website. However, HyperShark Technologies Corp. cannot provide any warranty for the accuracy of information. Therefore, HyperShark Technologies Corp. will not assume any legal or compensation liability for any losses caused, directly or indirectly, by use of this Website.

Reprinting the Content on this Website

Reprinting the Content on this Website shall be subject to the authorization by this Website, and we will reserve the right to legal prosecution for anyone who reprints it without authorization.

It is authorized by this Website to capture the outline of the website content for the purpose of introducing this Website or to report this Website positively and provide hyperlinks to it. 

Hyperlinks to the Content on this Website

It is welcome for our friend sites to build up hyperlinks to this Website.

A Frame web page which takes the content on this Website as the inside pages or sub-pages under its frame shall not fall in the authorization.

Privacy and Protection

This Website will keep confidential the personal data collected from users and visitors and shall not disclose them without the consent of those people themselves.


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Copyright © 2020 HyperShark Technologies Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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