• Q.What version of Operation System is compatible in HyperShark overclocked server?

    At least version of RHEL 7.8 or CentOS: 7.8 or above.
    Windows Server 2016 or above.

  • Q.What happened if the temperature of CPU is kept getting higher, will it cause the server performance downgraded?

    If the temperature of CPU is higher than 100 Celsius degrees, it may cause the server halt or shutdown. In our lab, severs are all run for 7*24 hours with extreme burn-in tool to make sure the servers are in good condition before we ship to the customers, normally , the CPU temperature in our lab is kept around 65 Celsius degrees in each server.

  • Q.Is the overclocked server stable?

    Yes, servers are under the extreme burn-in testing for at least 7*24 hours and the CPU temperature is normally not higher than 65 degrees, besides, we would measure the latency by some of our standard testing tools to make sure that our products are produced in very high quality control.

  • Q.Will the frequency be downgraded by using the AVX instructions?

    There is no drop for standard AVX. For AVX2 and AVX512 we would suggest to sacrifice the clock speed, probably would drop the frequency to 3.6GHz.

  • Q.Do PCIe risers cause input lag?

    The influence is really tiny that you can almost ignore it, it won’t cause the performance drop. Basically, it’s electrical extension so about 1ns of latency added per 30cm of riser.

  • Q.Is the IPMI solution provided?

    There is very similar solution-iKVM, provided in COMBAT server.

  • Q.What is the utility of FPGA in Stock market?

    Normally the FPGA is used for market data filtering/capture/decode, and order handling.

  • Q.Once there is problem on server, what should you do?

    Please contact with our customer service center: +886-2-23969789 #109-#110, or email to “service@hypersharktech.com”

  • Q.Can I form the server as RAID 1?


  • Q.Where can I have the quote request?

    Please contact with our customer service center: +886-2-23969789 #109-#110, or email to “service@hypersharktech.com”

  • Q.What services could HyperSharTech provide to customers?

    Server installation and adjustment on OS/CPU/NIC parameters which will optimize the system with low latency performance.
    2 year limited parts and labor warranty. The box swap warranty is if the box demonstrates technical issue that cannot be solved in 7 days.
    Online service for consulting the issues about HyperShark overclocked server.

  • Q.What kind of cooling system in HyperShark overlocked server?

    Liquid cooling system.

  • Q.Can I change the CPU model that is beyond your product line?

    During our factory process, in order to achieve a ratified system, we will do our best to find a good quality of CPU, and somehow, most of CPU would need the extra work to get a stable performance in overclocked stage, thus, we won’t suggest customers to order the CPU model that is not in our specification list.

  • Q.Is that possible to shorten the delivery time?

    Every server is hand-made in our factory, we will try our best to produce the server for you in time, but somehow, to produce the best performance server is what we matter. Thank you indeed for your patience of waiting.

  • Q.What specification of PDU in the server?

    The redundant 1000W PDU provided in our server.


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