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Business concept

Computing in the fast lane.

"Computing in the fast lane." is our work attitude.

We are never completely satisfied with our existing technical performance, and because of this, we constantly recruit talented individuals to drive technological breakthroughs and improve products through low-latency solutions. Based on these concepts, we are rooted in Taiwan but look globally for inspiration.

Hypershark's mission is to help customers achieve more comprehensive, efficient, and profitable solutions through our advanced equipment and technology.

Hypershark is a cutting-edge side of innovation in the field of high frequency and low latency in Taiwan. Taiwan is only our starting point, as we begin to expand our business around the world. We are at the stage of launching services across East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe, in countries such as Singapore, Australia, and the United States.

Hypershark never ceases to deliver on reliable quality and data accuracy and is on track to become Taiwan's first international HFT professional solution expert.

About HyperShark


Hypershark was founded in 2014 and is composed of a group of cross-disciplinary teams from IC Design House and financial professionals.

Since the establishment of Hypershark, a large amount of capital has been invested towards the development of low-latency technology required for high-frequency trading, the recruitment of talents, and the laboratory’s equipment—all of which have international standards and competitiveness.

Following the success of the 1U RACE Serials launch in 2019, we will be launching 2U Combat Serials overclocking server in 2020, the first Taiwan Stock Exchange FPGA quotation system, and FPGA Tick to Trade trading system on the market.

Our product is not a product in the laboratory stage, but a product that is already mature and reliable with practical market experience. The cross-disciplinary and advanced knowledge of Hypershark’s international research and development team is showing undeniably promising results. The Hypershark team is on track to represent Taiwan on a global scale in the rapidly developing field of high-frequency low-latency systems.

Our partners

Better than better

Our partners constantly work to develop new technologies, with each team collaborating in harmony, paving the way for the rapid improvement of our products. The best thing about Hypershark is the free and nurturing work environment we foster, which allows for the development of our team members’ talents and skill set. The spirit of actively solving problems and overcoming challenges is deeply ingrained in our culture and we welcome friends who have the same mindset. We hope to recruit team members who have a passion for technology research and development that will join us on the journey to realizing our goals and dreams.



HyperShark has a full range of complete high frequency solutions. We provide high quality services in many countries around the world to assist your enterprise in system upgrading. We achieve the purpose of increasing efficiency which provides more profitability and competitive performance.


Providing high quality service in many countries around the world

At this moment, a large proportion of the high-frequency servers in the market are composed of components from Taiwan, and HyperShark is one of the few Taiwanese companies who dedicated themselves to high-frequency trading system. With professional testing laboratory for simulation and international quality certification, we aim to help our customers improve efficiency and demonstrate world class professionalism in the high-frequency field.


Tailor-made solutions for your business

We understand that the financial environment is changing rapidly, and we are constantly pursuing better and better footsteps. This is what makes HyperShark a leader in Asia. We are able to combine any high-frequency trading products and services together, and customize a tailor-made solution for your business. We are always your reliable business partner.

Regardless of your starting point, our expertise can effectively simplify your complex tasks, help you to deploy your resources rapidly. We prevent you from wasting the time and money that could be saved.

  • Customized consulting services

  • High frequency professional product expert

  • Quick appointment product introduction

  • Strict quality control

  • Quick technical support online or on site

  • Comprehensive product after-sales support


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HyperShark has a full range of high-frequency solutions. We provide high-quality services in many countries around the world to assist your enterprise in system upgrading. To achieve the purpose of increasing efficiency which provides more profitability and competitive performance..

Copyright © 2020 HyperShark Technologies Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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